Statement Necklaces


One of the most popular trends that are setting foot in 2013 is ‘statement necklaces’ some might say they can be over whelming and difficult to wear with certain outfits while others at glitterguide suggest that “the statement necklace is a New York Fashion Week style accessory of choice. Whether it’s layered with a graphic tee, a silky blouse, or colorful dress, this “it” item is an incredibly simple way to enliven any outfit”.


The statement necklace has definitely left an impression on Christian Dior and Lanvin as it was a statement galore on the runway for their spring/summer 2013 collection sporting large portions necklaces that included, metal, leather fringe, feathers, over sized encrusted jewels and spikes. With such a versatile collection, statement necklaces can be worn for evening wear as well as every day causal, the secret is too choose the appropriate style for the right time of day.


“Whether crafted in leather, fluttering with feathers or glistening in hammered gold, the statement necklace is the perfect way to add a touch of neo-tribal glamour to everyday life” said Anne-Sophie Mallard to Vogue Paris.